What Could Be Better Than First Class?

World Class Relaxation from A Massage

Want to transform your usual travel ordeal into a relaxed, comfortable and wonderful experience? Take care of yourself with the help of first-class pampering at A Massage!

Why spend hours sitting in uncomfortable airport chairs or waiting at baggage claim? Your time is valuable and would be far better spent receiving a chair or table massage while the frantic airport world melts away into the background.

Our courteous, friendly and professional staff of licensed and certified therapists are ready to soothe your frayed nerves and massage your stresses away. For a tiny fraction of the price of a first-class upgrade, you'll receive all the benefits of world-class pampering in a calm, quiet environment far removed from the noise and hectic pace of modern travel.

We completely tailor our services to your specific needs and desires, ensuring that your time in our oasis of relaxation is efficient and well-spent. Whether your pleasure is a hand or foot massage or a blissful, heavenly table massage, we are here to alleviate any tension, stress or strain that has invaded your travel day and help you look your best wherever your travels take you.

Renew and energize your spirit with a visit to A Massage

Conveniently located in Denver International Airport

Concourse B (Mezzanine level)

Colorado Oasis on Concourse C (Center Core)

Please call for hours of operation


Menu of Services

Chair Massage

A specially designed ergonomic chair allows you to relax comfortably in a seated position while a trained Massage Therapist addresses your areas of concern. Great for travellers, as your areas of tension can be dissolved relatively quickly. Best for upper back and neck isssues.

Table Massage

Light or deep, relaxing or therapeutic, a table massage is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate in a peaceful and private setting. Modalities may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Neuromuscular therapies, depending on your present needs.


The feet and hands are where all the nerve pathways end in our bodies. By stimulating and massaging these parts of the body, we receive a profoundly rejuvenative and relaxing effect on the entire body.


Mommies-to-be receive great relief and many health benefits from prenatal massage. No matter what stage of pregnancy, prenatal massage is safe and performed in a comfortable position that gives you the care you need.

Massage Pricing (All modalities)

10 minutes $26
15 minutes $40
20 minutes $50
30 minutes $70
45 minutes $90
60 minutes $135
Table upgrade $12
CBD Enhancement offered 60 min
  • DIA Employees and Military personnel receive 20% off all services.
  • Prices subject to change.


"It was great! The therapist was very good and very thorough. I'm definitely going to be recommending A Massage to travelers and friends! Thanks!"

- Nela

"The best 15 minutes ever in an airport. She focused on exactly what I asked!"

- Sue

"I have lots of massages and thought he was very good. Usually a chair massage isn't very effective, but I feel much better after only 10 minutes."

- Laura

"This was one of the BEST treatments I've ever had, and I've had quite a few in NYC. I will recommend you to anyone."

- Sheryl

"Awesome! Always look forward to having some extra time at the Denver Airport to get a foot massage!!"

- Sara

"Excellent and very professional, worked out a lot of knots. Money well spent!"

- Sherry

"I travel all over the world but I must say this was the best 20-minute massage I have ever had."

- Robert

"Unlike the typical 'lazy elbow' I get at most airport massage locations, you listened to my problems and worked those specific areas very well with excellent technique. Very good massage!"

- Danny